Our chalet is located in South Tyrol at the entrance of the valley Val Gardena and an elevation of 1815 m.

The panoramic view extends from the Dolomites to the Ortler Group. The peaceful and sunny location and the good food make it a popular hiking destination for the whole family.

The history of our chalet

The name of the chalet consists of the name of the owner’s farm “Ramitzler” and “Schwaige” which is a typical old alpine name for chalet.

1946/47: A chalet was built in the meadows of the farm “Ramitzl” to graze cows and to process the milk to butter and cheese.

50s: Also hunters and loggers started to use the building as a place to stay overnight .

60s: More and more people took advantage of the conveniently located hut to stop by. Over time, the visitors were also offered drinks and simple meals. Especially during haymaking the chalet was a meeting place for locals. Often they celebrated and danced till late into the night.

70s: The region Val Gardena attracted an increasing number of tourists. The route from the peak of the mountain Raschötz (Rasciesa) towards Lajen (Laion) became a popular hiking route.

1983: Due to the increasing number of guests the chalet was structurally enhanced. From now on warm food and drinks were served all day long.

Today the cabin is a well-known stop for hikers.